Technology & Innovation
Mirage has always relied on extensive feedback from consumers and analysis from field experts when it comes to designing new product ranges for all its ceramic collections.
Natural elements form a great source of inspiration to create life-like designs with exacting details and exquisite finishes. Our in-house design team constantly browses through a variety of natural and artificial surfaces to strike a seamless match.
Our efforts to replicate various surface effects go beyond the closed doors of our laboratory and extend right up to the offices of our International knowledge partners. Technical expertise and world-class equipments go hand in hand at the scientific laboratory at Mirage. The ultra modern facilities help test and refine various raw materials that go in to the preparation of body and glazes for the manufacturing process.

Mirage’s pioneering efforts in product development have led to the creation of tiles with CRYSTAL GLAZE. Introduced for the first time in India, these tiles ensure the following benefits to the consumer:-

  • Superior Flatness with Perfect Reflection of Light.
  • Zero stain marks.
  • No Image distortion.
  • Absolute joint free images.
  • High Design Resolution with Best Transparency effect.
  • Perfect Micro Crystalline structure without Micro Porosity.
  • 3D effect with higher thickness of Crystal Glaze.

It is also a reflection of Mirage’s unique capability to fuse art and science together to create unique ceramic masterpieces.